Safe Box

Safe Box

The ideal solution to keep safe money and valuables are the safe boxes of smart home.

Selecting a safe box depends on many factors. Safe boxes are classified according to their level of safety and use.

Therefore according to these criteria, we divide the safes in hotel, house, professionally - certified.

In addition,safe boxes are divided into two categories:

wall and standing safes (floor safes).

Wall safes are placed inside the walls and this fact gives them a big advantage since it becomes more difficult to dismantle in case of attempted theft.

On the other hand they present some disadvantages such as the shallow depth (up to 20 to 25 points) since the walls can not accept greater depths, have a higher cost of installation, and less variety of choice.

The  standing (floor safes) which hold the largest market share (almost 95%), mounted on the wall or the floor, or both, with internal bolts which make it almost impossible to move, since in order to unscrew a wall safe we need to access inside.

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Items 1 to 10 of 10 total
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