Maintenance products and detergents for windows and doors

Cleaning the windows.

Cleaning the surfaces of the frames is necessary.

By following the simple maintenance procedures below, extended retention of finishing and the resistance is strengthened against corrosion.

In any case you should avoid the use of chemicals (eg detergents and other more active substances), because it is capable of altering the surfaces of the frame and cause corrosion .That's why you should use special cleaning products for aluminum profiles or PVC.

Clean soft sponges or cloths should bring cleaning into contact with the profile, so as not to draw the surface of the frame by rubbing.

Such cleaners are particularly useful for:

Removal of all acidic and alkaline materials (cement, stucco, plaster, etc.), which are deposited on the surfaces of the frame,
Descaling in areas that are highly polluted, such as Seaside and
Removal aggravating chemical pollutants in areas with heavy air pollution.
The revocation mechanisms, hinges,  cremone, angles-links and generally all the components of the frame need oiling for longer life. Regular maintenance of the tires and the brushes of the frame will ensure good functionality and longevity.

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Items 1 to 21 of 24 total
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